Knowing us

Basic is good: It is the starting point; the primary source; untainted; pure. We believe that it is our respect for the basic that enables us to live more. Thanks to nature’s healing hands, Tradizione brings the gentlest and most effective products that are healthy, safe, easy to use and free of harmful chemicals. We use our learnings from the old times in combining helpful ingredients that can improve the lives of many generations. Tradizione’s high regard for the basic sparked the creation of a skin care line that radiates love for nature’s gifts.

Our care is not just skin-deep. More than maintaining a smooth and glowing face and body, Tradizione provides livelihood to many communities by sourcing and manufacturing products locally. Truly, we are “Made by Filipinos, for the Filipinos.”

Tradizione Inc. is a sister company of QNET Phils and a subsidiary of the Qi Group’


It’s about Raising Yourself to Help Mankind. When you welcome the Tradizione business opportunity, you not only help Philippine farmers by buying our locally sourced organic products, you also help us help you enjoy a life filled with wellness and success. Furthermore, with affordable packages and a variety of ways to earn, Tradizione allows you to extend the same opportunity to others in your network -- so we can all become drivers of positive change in our community and beyond.